Whizpool Lauded for Quality of Work and Project Management Services

At Whizpool we strive to not only ensure that our clients get exactly what they ask for at the best possible price but also to instill in them a peace of mind throughout the development. . . .

Leadership Opportunities in UX: Diverse Future
Bilal Bashir

Over the last few decades there has been a repetitive noise about the field of UX and its impact around the globe The profession of UX is newborn if we compare it with other existing. . . .

Motion Layouts – Animations made easy
Asadullah Ilyas
Android Development

According to the Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs after our physical and social needs are fulfilled we feel the need to be proud of something something that we achieved or accomplished This need can be. . . .

Build StrongSwan in Android
Zaheer Ahmed
Android Development

VPN technology is getting popular all over the world due to its characteristic of provide privacy and counter restrictions on access of applications and websites The requirement of VPN varies on circumstances around user such. . . .

How to increase Page Speed of Web Page
Muhammad Umar Saleem
Web Development

Page Speed of web page is a measurement or a value of how fast the content on our web page loads It is the speed in which web pages are downloaded and displayed on the. . . .

Protect App Content from OS Screenshot
Usman Nisar
Software Development

You might have noticed that in applications switcher mode all running applications screens are displayed They are actually screenshots of applications that are used for animation purposes by OS. . . .

How to adopt dark mode in your iOS app
Muhammad Umar Farooq
Software Development

After a long wait and anticipation at last iOS supports native Dark Mode Users would be able to choose to allow a system wide dark appearance that will be supported in all official apps As. . . .

Applying Built-in Filters of CIImage on GIF Image in Objective-C
Syed Irfan Ali Zaidi
Software Development

GIFs are gaining popularity because like memes they re useful for communicating jokes emotions and ideas These are animated images but aren t really videos GIF files can hold multiple pictures at once and people. . . .

Running Effective Meetings
Shumaiza Mehreen
Human Resources

Communication is integral to human life so is the effective meetings to professional life Running effective meetings is very critical for every organization Similarly in software companies it is very important to keep everyone up-to-date. . . .

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