What Our Clients Say

We believe in more than just working relationship with our clients and our happy clients are our biggest strength. Here’s what they are saying about us:

We've been burned a few times outsourcing work and this was our last attempt before hiring in house guys and we're now looking at dumping more of our workload on these guys now that we've been through this first large project with them.


Thomas Contaxakis,



Their early understanding of the project requirements made for a productive start to the project, and the proactive suggestions about a more efficient design approach helped deliver a strong user experience and keep the programme on track.


Adrian Geissel,



Whizpool has showcased exceptional commitment to the project’s timely completion. They’ve successfully taken on a challenging, unique build, and they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure its execution. Despite the time difference, the team is constantly available and prioritizes the client’s success.


Gopal Manikumar,



Thanks to Whizpool, the company's product is much better now. They showed all the costs and benefits of the solutions, the firm wanted to apply. In the end, the team enabled the client to have an excellent platform that also improved their app's speed. Customers can expect trustworthiness from them.


Ernest Legrand,

New York


Whizpool is an exemplary application development firm, and it has been our pleasure to work with them. The project manager was professional, friendly, and always available for troubleshooting, despite being in a different time zone. We were very impressed with the high quality coding and the promptness with which our project deadlines were met. Their team was well organized throughout the development process, and they did their jobs so well that it made everything on our end easy and seamless. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Whizpool.


Thomas Olson,



We are working with Whizpool since 2012 and it has been a happy long journey. We have been working on different projects from mobile apps development to web development and customized solutions. Team has strong technical skills and solve the complex problems. We always get work done within defined deadline and budget. Developers have ability to work independently with minimum instructions. Quality of the work has been very high and Whizpool proved to be a trusted partner.


Sajjad Asif,



It’s pleasure working all the time with Whizpool and Mr. Zeeshan. I worked with Whizpool on various projects for several years. They proved to be highly competent and take the challenge to develop complex projects on almost any platform, language or database. If it is new for them, then they are a fast and good learner. Besides that, healthy team working attitude, good communication and trust is a big plus.


Ziyad Nour,


Nour Applications International Co

Whizpool and its developers are a fantastic team to work with. They are exceptionally transparent, and never take on more than they can handle in terms of delivery times. They always work within budget, often over delivering. The team are fluent in English - which can sometimes be a concern using international developers. Their updates on project statuses is excellent, ensuring that you are always up to speed with how the development is progressing. His team also ensures they go through a rigorous bug fixing session before delivering the project, and post launch fixes are also happily accommodated. I love working with Whizpool. We have used them for a number of projects, and will continue working with them in the future. I highly recommend them (but would prefer not to so that we can keep them working on our projects!).


Paul Reardon,

South Africa

Floodlight Studios

I appreciate Whizpool's expert resource pool who are always available when we have a bandwidth crunch. They are ready to help us either it is mobile or desktop application or web development in either Microsoft or open source technologies. Big relief is that I don't have to hire graphics designers’ team when Whizpool is there with their experts.


Omer Aziz,


Cambridge iSOFT

Whizpool is a very professional app firm with expertise in all forms of app building. I am very happy with Whizpool and their team of engineers.


David Taylor,



I really enjoyed working with Whizpool and will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good reliable coder. The work I needed done was completed within a few days and Whizpool stayed in contact with me the entire time.


Larry Blenn,



Team Whizpool was awesome throughout the beginning. We were delivered what was committed with remarkable work and the project was completed very professionally in every aspects. Definitely recommend their services.


Lyn Sharma,


Milestone Technology Group (MTG)

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